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Immanence and immersion: on the acoustic condition in contemporary art

Immanence and immersion: on the acoustic condition in contemporary art

Schrimshaw, Will, author

"A critique of immersive aesthetics in the arts, with particular emphasis placed upon sound and new media art"-- Immersion is the new orthodoxy. Within the production, curation and critique of sound art, as well as within the broader fields of sound studies and auditory culture, the immersive is routinely celebrated as an experiential quality of sound, the value of which is inherent yet strengthened through dubious metaphysical oppositions to the visual. Yet even within the visual arts an acoustic condition grounded in Marshall McLuhan's metaphorical notion of acoustic space underwrites predispositions towards immersion. This broad conception of an acoustic condition in contemporary art identifies the envelopment of audiences and spectators who no longer perceive from a distance but immanently experience immersive artworks and environments. Immanence and Immersion takes a critical approach to the figures of immersion and interiority describing an acoustic condition in contemporary art. It is argued that a price paid for this predisposition towards immersion is often the conceptual potency and efficacy of the work undertaken, resulting in arguments that compound the marginalisation and disempowerment of practices and discourses concerned with the sonic. The variously phenomenological, correlational and mystical positions that support the predominance of the immersive are subject to critique before suggesting that a stronger distinction between the often confused concepts of immersion and the immanence might serve as a means of breaking with the figure of immersion and the circle of interiority towards attaining greater conceptual potency and epistemological efficacy within the sonic arts

eBook, Electronic resource, Book. English. Electronic books.
Published New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
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Statement of responsibility: Will Schrimshaw
ISBN: 1501315862, 9781501315862
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Physical Description: vi, 204 pages : illustrations (black and white)
Subject: Arts, Modern 20th century Philosophy.; Music; History of art; Art and Design.; Theory of music & musicology; Theory of art; Immanence (Philosophy); Arts, Modern 21st century Philosophy.; Philosophy: aesthetics; Sound in art.
Reproduction: Electronic reproduction. Askews and Holts. Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Other formats: Also available in printed form ISBN 9781501315855


  1. List of Figures
  2. List of Tables
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. 0. Introduction
  6. 0.1. Immersion is the New Orthodoxy
  7. 0.2. The Ideology of Immersion
  8. 0.3. Immersion and Correlationism
  9. 0.4. Immanence and Immersion
  10. 0.5. Exteriority and the Outside
  11. 0.6. Exiting Immersion
  12. 1. Decentralisation
  13. 1.1. Get Out of the Defensive Position
  14. 1.2. Transcendental Empiricism: Approaching the Edge of the Circle
  15. 1.3. Negative Duration
  16. 1.4. Prodigious Simplification
  17. 2. Infraesthetics
  18. 2.1. Extreme Audition
  19. 2.2. Rolf Julius
  20. 2.3. Stephen Vitiello
  21. 2.4. Nina Canell
  22. 3. Writing Out Sound
  23. 3.1. Writing and Exteriority
  24. 3.2. Exteriority and the Real
  25. 3.3. Sound Recording and Writing Sound
  26. 3.4. Sound is Always-Already Written Out
  27. 4. Immersive Phenomenology
  28. 4.1. Husserl
  29. 4.1.1 Intentionality and Direct Realism
  30. 4.1.2 Realism and Reduction
  31. 4.2. Merleau-Ponty
  32. 4.2.1 Immersive Phenomenology
  33. 4.2.2 Return to the Depth of the Pre-Objective
  34. 5. Sonic Materialism
  35. 5.1. Affective Matter
  36. 5.2. Material Phenomenology
  37. 5.3. Sonic-Material Phenomenology
  38. 5.4. Sonic Realism
  39. 6. The Scientific Image
  40. 6.1. Ryoichi Kurokawa: Abstraction and the Lifeworld
  41. 6.2. Towards a Corruption of Aesthetic Sufficiency
  42. 7. Repurposing Conceptualism
  43. 7.1. Immanence and Representation
  44. 7.2. Extinction Abounds: Katie Paterson
  45. 8. The Stratification of Immanence
  46. 8.1. Immanence Contra Immersion
  47. 8.2. Beyond the Circle
  48. 8.3. Immanence and an Ethics of Exteriority
  49. References